Payment Processing is our business.

At Prelude, payment processing isn’t part of our business. Payment Processing is our business. Our clients benefit not only from of our technology but from our approach to solving their overall payment processing requirements, including today's urgency to move to electronic payments. Our experience and our proven methodology helps our clients successfully surpass their paper and electronic disbursement goals.

Prelude raises the bar in client service and delivery of comprehensive quality solutions that extend the life cycle their existing systems. Prelude has embraced the nimbleness and client collaboration typically inherent in small companies and made it a corporate culture that allows us to earn raving fan clients. Our clients appreciate our rapid deployments and our dedication to their ongoing success. Beyond completing just a project, Prelude builds lifetime business partners.

Although we are continually researching and developing cutting-edge solutions to payment processing workflows like E-portals, mobile payment functionality and private clouds, none are important than the disbursement solution we specifically configure for you to satisfy your requirements. Clients consider our state-of-the-art centralized payment management solution, PayPilot, to be integral to their cost reduction and streamlining initiatives regarding disbursements and payment related processes, like Positive Pay, Bulking Payments, Electronic Payments and Electronic Remittance.  No wonder our clients rave about the millions they are saving by using PayPilot.

Brilliantly designed to help jump start your payment processing initiative, PayPilot integrates flawlessly with your issuing source system and/or necessary third party software. Our competitive advantage includes our dominance in mapping to legacy and more modern systems. Our payment processing engineers take the responsibility to conform our payment processing solution to your existing formats. With Prelude’s PayPilot payment processing solution, existing systems can be relieved of their siloed disbursement functions one-by-one, or all at once to our more efficient, centralized enterprise-wide payment processing solution. You can even transfer functionality by department or by line of business. And if you’re considering a system upgrade or replacement at a later date, all the data connections can be easily established with the new software without consequence to key operations or customer satisfaction.

The Heart of the System

PayPilot draws its strength and flexibility from the heart of the system, its database. PayPilot offers both a Microsoft SQL Server or an Oracle version. Our multi tiered architecture and payment database core provides centralized control with distributed access to all payment management functions. As a data-driven system, PayPilot can be completely configured to match—and automate—your business rules, your workflows, and your terminology.


PayPilot System Architecture

Prelude's extensive payment processing expertise extends across all facets of the lifecycle of the disbursement process. From database management, security requirements, compliance adherence to data access for easy handling, exporting, reporting and backup and recovery. Our in-depth fluency with such a wide variety of legacy, home-grown and today's systems and data types is a key differentiator for Prelude in the marketplace.

Prelude is the payment processing experts' expert.

At Prelude we turn complicated back-end payment processing problems into an easy-to-use, disbursement solution. PayPilot easily interfaces with any source systems (general ledger, claims, policy, accounts payable, etc.) in any industry setting. Data passes between systems using interfaces configured by our implementation team in the precise format you currently use: MS SQL or Oracle tables; ASCII flat files; Web Services; Excel spreadsheets; print image files; etc. Once the interfaces are in place, many of the centralized payment functions can be run as a service on the application server, with no operator involvement. Our AutoPilot service can be configured to handle any number of jobs, freeing your staff from routine and repetitive tasks.

PayPilot in the cloud - Private Cloud, Third Party Hosting

In addition to its on-premises solution, Prelude also offers the option of running PayPilot in third party, business process outsourcing (BPO) processing centers.  Several of Prelude's clients benefit from the features and functionality of PayPilot hosted in a remotely located BPO center of their selection.  
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