Systems Integration

A suite of payment processing modules to work with any—or all—of your payment systems

Often, clients utilize more than one source system to issue payments. The more siloed source systems are issuing payments the time and cost are being exhausted needlessly to process payments. Whether you use two systems or several, consolidating all disbursement functionality into our centralized payment solution, PayPilot will create enormous benefits:

  • Simplify access to payment information that resides in multiple systems or is stuck in paper files in one centralized data repository.
  • Issue payments from secure central or authorized remote sites.
  • Robust reporting, auditing, ad hoc quering on all payment and payment related data stored for every payment including payee, advice, etc. all in one disbursement solution.
  • Add increased functionality like bank reconciliation, positive pay security, OFAC compliance, electronic payments and debits, and escheat processing on one payment solution and synchronize with all necessary backend systems.
  • Automate tasks or entire processes to expedite payment handling and reduce costs.

PayPilot is an integration-friendly application that universally maps to the formats of the source systems

Prelude's solutions work in concert with all as many of your source issuing systems—as you require.

Specializing in payment processing since 1988, Prelude makes the implementation a minimal impact initiative for your IT organization. Prelude will conform and configure PayPilot to work with your existing import/export specifications.  Your IT team does not have to reconfigure your systems to integrate with our solution. Whether by web services, database tables, XML, Excel spreadsheets, ASCII flat files or other, PayPilot is an integration-friendly application that universally maps to the formats of the source systems to allow modern capabilities to legacy platforms. Additionally, PayPilot routinely interfaces with clients’ banks, estimating software and third-party software for document management, ESCHEAT processing and 1099 processing.

Clients typically do not want to incur the disruption, time and cost to replace existing source issuing systems and process workflows currently in place in the enterprise. Prelude understands those business impacting concerns.  Instead, Prelude embraces our clients process improvement goals and instead offers a way to coexist with the current backend infrastructure.

PayPilot complements and improves the existing backend payment related infrastructure by connecting to it as a centralized disbursement engine that accepts all payment data from the siloed source systems to streamline, automate and simplifies the disbursement handling operation.

All at once, or one at a time, PayPilot can be configured to handle all of your payment types: general ledger; accounts payable; claims; policy; you name it.Using our self service module, or engaging our implementation team or account representatives, it is easy to create interfaces to add or change your banks and other payment related processing.