Prelude Software's Solutions Overview

Many companies would love to have a new automated payments system. But like many organizations, allocating the necessary budgets and IT resources on a state-of-the-art system is out of the question. Whether you’re looking to consolidate your disbursement process, tighten payment controls, add new functionality, or issue payments remotely, Prelude has the solutions to meet all your requirements—and exceed your expectations. We specialize in extending the life and functionality of your organization’s legacy system with our middleware solutions, producing the same results as a new replacement system but at a fraction of the cost and effort to implement. Prelude offers two primary solutions, PayPilot and PointPay, which are scalable and flexible to grow in capabilities based on your requirements with our suite of Expansion Modules.PayPilot Enterprise Payment Processing


PayPilot is the industry leading, flexible solution that allows companies to centralize their siloed disbursement processing from all their internal source systems. PayPilot seamlessly integrates with the source systems to provide automated, straight-through processing and a single repository for all payment related information. The robust capabilities of PayPilot include MICR check printing, bulking payments, ACH (electronic) payments and remittance advice and extensive reporting capabilities.


PointPay is the industry leading, safe and secure solution that enables remote processing of payments even when disconnected from the host system, as in managing a catastrophic event. PointPay streamlines the issuing of payments, on location. Insurance carriers, as an example, use it to allow their field staff, like agents, adjusters and reps, to issue payments by printing checks, loading cards or transferring funds electronically on locale. Errors, approvals and processing time are all minimized as PointPay electronically—and securely—transfers all necessary data among source, host and field systems. PointPay accelerates the payment process while enabling the delivery of exceptional customer service.

Expansion Modules

The component design of our solutions, PayPilot and PointPay enables you to add functionality and features as your business requirements evolve. Clients routinely apply and leverage Prelude’s robust suite of configuration-ready modules to add additional efficiencies for automation, bulking of payments, bank reconciliation, positive pay security, electronic payments, OFAC compliance, escheat processing, and many more. Additionally, clients are not tethered to a limited set of features and functionality, typical with other vendors and solutions. Prelude encourages and supports our clients’ unique requests by our unbridled ability to create customized components to satisfy them.