Self Service

Change is never easy…except in PayPilot

The flexibility of PayPilot's self-service administration module supports our clients’ business rules management. Maintaining or enhancing the processing workflow business rules is quickly and easily managed either via PayPilot’s built-in, self-service administration module. The Administration module is the “master control panel” for activating and customizing selected PayPilot features. Not only can you toggle on/off functions, but you can also configure a wide array of application parameters to set up the solution so that it perfectly complements the way you run your business.  Of course, Prelude recognizes that some clients would prefer to not make changes themselves.  Your change request can be handled by the prompt support of your dedicated Prelude account team.

Example: Adding or Switching Banks

As an example, the ability to add or switch banks that is typically difficult on legacy platforms, often requiring extraordinary IT time and budget, is an easily completed task for authorized personnel within PayPilot’s self-service Admin Module.

Example: Payment Types

To appreciate the power and flexibility of the Administration module, consider all the different payment types in your operation. In PayPilot, each of those types can be defined with unique characteristics that determine how the payment information is displayed and processed. Payment types may be linked to distinct database tables to validate data and to drive the appearance and content of each printed check. Even PayPilot's user interface windows are customizable.  The displayed payment information can be modified for each payment type to contain the data fields—and labels—you use in your normal operations. The flexible display of information is driven by your business rules, from the payment types to the groupings that control how PayPilot processes and issues the payments. And, as appropriate, users only see the windows and functions they’ve been authorized to access.

Dynamic Business Growth

The pace of change in business today is accelerating faster than any other time in recent history. Which is why PayPilot was designed with a flexible, user-friendly Administration module. As new products/business lines are added and workflows reconfigured, PayPilot can quickly and easily adapt to your business requirements.