The mobile payment solution for businesses on the go!

For many companies, issuing checks in the field is a business necessity. Expectations are rising all the time, and customers are demanding better service—with payments real-time, on-location.

PointPay is the ultimate solution for making mobile payments from any location. It features streamlined, integrated processing to greatly enhance not only the efficiency of your operation, but also its security:

  • Speed transactions on the front end – Import payment and claim information from your estimating software directly into PointPay to speed transactions and eliminate manual errors.
  • Eliminate data entry on the back end – Remove the need to mail or fax hard-to-read check copies and paperwork back to the home office. PointPay automatically uploads payment data to your host systems, saving valuable time and back-office staff resources.
  • Timely posting of payment data – Remotely issued checks won’t clear before posting, because new transactions are automatically uploaded to claims and financial systems daily. This can eliminate bank charges.
  • Increase Security & Control – Control the check ranges, number of checks, and maximum pay amount by payment type for every employee issuing checks in the field.
  • Audit your operations – Each update to the payment record is stored in the PointPay database and noted in a detailed audit trail. Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to monitor payment activity over time by payment type and employee.
  • Improve your image – Customers are always glad to receive a check, hand-written or otherwise, but wouldn’t you feel better giving them a professionally printed payment? Your brand image and reputation will only be enhanced by this level of service.
  • Maximum flexibility – With PointPay, you have the option of issuing a paper check, an electronic payment, or a stored value card.
  • Enhance communication – Email notifications can be sent to inform supervisors or management when certain activities (that you define) occur. For example, when a payment requires an approver’s sign-off.
  • Reduce overtime costs - Because PointPay automates so much of the remote payment process, your field employees will no longer have to log on from home to handle paperwork. The savings from reduced overtime can be substantial.

There are many applications for mobile payments. Settling claims at the point of adjustment. Issuing final checks at mortgage closings. Regardless of the application, PointPay will lower the cost of each transaction and improve overall customer satisfaction, while substantially increasing security. To learn more, view our pages on PointPay for insurance and other business.