Electronic Payments

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Prelude Software supports and facilitates going green!

The migration from paper to electronic-based disbursements (electronic payments) and related transactional documents is advancing at an accelerated pace.

However, although the utilization of paper is on the decline, there is still considerable environmental impact to using paper checks. Along with the natural resources required to manufacture and print each paper check, its life-cycle further stresses the transportation infrastructure, including trucks and airplanes, necessary to move the paper physically. Still today, paper check processing account for the consumption of over 674 million gallons of fuel and add more than 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gases/CO2 to the environment.

Additional benefits of issuing funds electronically with PayPilot

Just as importantly, more than just being good for the environment, the benefits of using electronic payments are many. Our clients apply our modular electronic payments (disbursements) solution to lower their processing and management costs, allows easier reconciliation and reporting, simplifies repetitive payments, and enables migration to Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) at a pace is right for them. This could be one client, one vendor, or one agent commission at a time.


Prelude’s electronic payment software allows you to easily incorporate electronic payments into your payment processing.

Adding electronic disbursements to your payment options provides a number of significant benefits:

  • A substantial reduction in check processing costs – By consolidating many separate check payments into a few EFT transactions, you’ll free up staff and save on bank transaction fees, equipment, maintenance, and materials.
  • Streamlined reconciliation and reporting - Automated electronic payments issued directly from PayPilot eliminate most, if not all, of the cumbersome, manual tasks associated with reconciling accounts and staying on top of your payment operation.
  • Negotiation leverage with your vendors – Paying your vendors electronically slashes their payment processing costs and improves their cash flow. It also puts you in a great position to negotiate for price discounts.
  • Potential revenue source from virtual card shared revenue programs.
  • Scalable – PayPilot’s electronic payment features can match your requirements to handle even the most aggressive expansion plans. Add vendors, clients, geographies and/or business areas whenever you’re ready.

ACH Payments

Most of our clients process a combination of paper checks and electronic payments. We realize there are customers and vendors that still prefer checks or do not want to share their bank information. PayPilot enables the easy migration to electronic payments as situations evolve over time.

PayPilot can be configured to generate ACH payments for your payees that choose to be paid electronically and generate checks for those that still prefer paper checks. With no change to your issuing systems, PayPilot can convert your payment streams into electronic payments and checks.

PayPilot handles the creation of the ACH payment files according to the NACHA standards required by your bank.

As the client's centralized processing engine, Prelude's PayPilot interfaces with the client's source system and the bank for two-way communication to pass the necessary payment data information safely, securely and efficiently.


Prelude’s solutions, PayPilot and PointPay, fill the system processing gaps along the transaction path among our clients' systems, their banks and/or card issuing companies.  Typically legacy source systems are not capable of issuing payments via card. Stand-alone card disbursement products from banks and issuing companies fail to recognize and solve the necessary back-end integration and synchronization necessary to make their offerings a comprehensive solution without sacrifices to safety, security or timely processing of necessary data for reconciliation. Prelude's solutions offer flexibility to accommodate card solutions that are either pre-loaded or loaded real-time, and either single-use or recurring load.

Virtual Cards

As with physical cards, PayPilot provides the necessary capabilities to complete the safety, security and efficiency requirements to make cards a viable alternative.  Additionally, PayPilot enables virtual card processing to allow the benefits of cards without the inventory, management and distribution of physical cards.  Virtual cards also offer opportunities to turn the disbursement process into a potential revenue source via programs available from our virtual card partners.

Card Not-Present

More and more transactions are being made via smart phone and mobile devices.  Prelude continues to be a leader in providing features and capabilities that satisfy the requirements of our clients.  A significant benefit of PayPilot is its ability to move, store, make accessible and protect the data you require.  Prelude's PointPay solution extends the relevant capabilities of PayPilot for safe and secure payments on-location via your smart device hardware.

Electronic Transactional Data (ERADs, EOBs)

As disbursements are issued electronically, it is beneficial and typically matter-of-fact to send the supplemental transactional data to the payee electronically also.  PayPilot offers substantial flexibility in the passing of the supplemental data to the payees.  In some workflows, it is still necessary to pass the data via paper.  The processing and synchronization of the data is methodically coordinated for utmost efficiency with any back-end workflow.  In the more-likely scenarios where the data will be passed electronically, PayPilot offers the ability to send the data as electronic remittance advices (ERAD). The remittance information can be sent via email as an attached image or file, or as a text summary in the body of the email.  PayPilot supports all of the standard formats of supplemental transactional data, CCD, CCD+, CTX and PPD.