Cleared Items (bank reconciliation)

If your business generates a high volume of transactions, you know how cumbersome and time-consuming reconciliation can be. Not so with PayPilot. Reconciling cleared items to issued items is easy with PayPilot. The system displays a complete list of payments processed by the system along with their respective status: Unprinted - the check’s in the database, but it hasn’t been printed. Printed - the check’s been printed, but not yet cashed. Paid - the check has been cleared at the bank. Stopped - the check has been stopped at the bank. Void - the check was not issued. PayPilot can be set up to automatically communicate with your bank(s) to update the status of payments (it can update other internal systems as well, such as General Ledger). Operators can also change the status of payments based on security authorizations that are under your control.