Centralize and Bulk Payments

Centralized processing driven completely by your business rules

Each business has its own distinct way of doing things. When check runs occur and how often. What remittance information is attached to each payment. Signature protocols. Paper records. The list goes on and on. PayPilot was designed to accommodate the unique requirements of each client. Whether you’re working with MICR printing, bundled payments, file copies, or multiple bank accounts. It’s a fully configurable system that automatically applies the business rules you define:

  • Multiple payments to the same payee – Capture significant cost savings by combining multiple payments to a single payee into one check. PayPilot incorporates sophisticated rules to match payments that should be merged, while leaving other payments unaggregated. For combined checks, the remittance advice lists the details for every payment included.
  • Remittance overflow – Create a customized remittance advice including details such as explanation of benefits (EOBs), explanation of payments (EOPs), policy statements, commission information, and more. You can even print the overflow on plain paper (from a separate printer or tray, if you wish) to save on expensive safety stock.
  • Automated Approval Process – You can determine which payments require approvals. Set approval requirements by payment type, or amount, or any criteria you choose. There are nine available levels of approval, and PayPilot can even send an email to the appropriate person letting them know there are checks in their queue awaiting his/her sign-off. Some companies choose to set their systems to require a manual signature for checks over a certain threshold—we can do that too.
  • Multiple bank accounts/stocks of checks – Handle payments for multiple business entities to different banks on different stock, seamlessly. During implementation, we’ll configure PayPilot to your distinct business rules whether you’re using pre-printed checks, blank stock, or a combination of the two. You can even use different company names, logos, and addresses in the same check run. Manual signatures – Automatically flag payments for manual signatures based on criteria you define. We can even have these checks print at the beginning or end of the check run to simplify your process.
  • Manual checks – Enjoy the freedom of printing a manual check whenever the need arises. Only authorized users may create checks, and the system tracks who issued them and the reason for doing so. Paper copies – Eliminate them! PayPilot stores all payment details in the system for easy review and retrieval. Paper file copies can be printed on demand.

And don’t forget that PayPilot also handles electronic payments! The vast majority of our clients using MICR printing also include ACH payments as an integral part of their disbursement processing.