Automated Straight Through Processing

Many parts of the typical manual handling of the payment process can be automated. Using Prelude’s AutoPilot module, your PayPilot® recognizes payment information as it becomes available and then process payments based on your business requirements. Existing systems feed payment data directly to AutoPilot which triggers:

  • Automated payment processing by check or electronic payment.
  • Generation and sending of bank files for positive pay security and bank reconciliation.
  • Notification by email that files have been created and sent to various other systems.
  • Synchronization of multiple systems by automated export of payment information.

Using AutoPilot, manual interaction with PayPilot is replaced with automated processing, reducing the administrative time and cost required to process payments. AutoPilot enables once-and-done processing using your systems.

Automated Processes

Payment Import

AutoPilot lets you choose when payment import is automated and when it is user initiated. When you prefer the payment process to be triggered by AutoPilot, the system monitors a user-specified folder for new files. When a file is moved to that folder, AutoPilot automatically initiates the import process for the payment file. Authorized users simply specify a folder. AutoPilot executes the same function as the user-initiated import process. AutoPilot does not preclude the use of the user-initiated import function.

Payment Printing

AutoPilot automatically print payments that are waiting to be printed and that do not require approval. When an approval is required for a payment, AutoPilot uses your business rules for the print protocol. The auto-print process can be initiated when the AutoPilot import process is completed. AutoPilot executes the same function as the user-initiated “Print All” process (but does not preclude the use of this user-initiated function). AutoPilot can also be configured to print checks at a specified time. Printing is scheduled on a daily (including or excluding weekends and/or holidays), weekly or monthly basis. Printing can always be user-initiated.

Electronic Payments

Automating electronic payments with AutoPilot reduces administrative costs and streamlines your payment processes. PayPilot helps identify which payments you want to send via ACH and can create a file containing all ACH payments. The transmission to your bank can be automated by AutoPilot or user-initiated. ACH payments are significantly less expensive on a per-transaction basis.

Electronic Remittance Advice Delivery (eRAD)

AutoPilot can be used to automate eRADs. By combining electronic payment and electronic remittance advice delivery, printing costs for toner, envelopes, postage, handling and equipment are substantially reduced and/or eliminated. PayPilot’s electronic remittance advice delivery module maximizes the benefit of the ACH module. AutoPilot automates the email delivery of remittance advice payment details usually printed on the advice or stub portion of the payment notification. You can continue to print the advice for those vendors who wish to receive a traditional printed statement.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is the best tool available to prevent check fraud, and automating Positive Pay Security is easy with AutoPilot. PayPilot includes an integrated facility for building and sending Positive Pay files to your bank, with multiple banks supported. AutoPilot builds the Positive Pay file according to the specifications provided by your bank. All of the checks that have been issued since the last Positive Pay file was built are included in the file. It will also include voids and stops, if desired. Once the Positive Pay file is created, it is sent to your bank for processing via FTP or modem-to-modem connection.


AutoPilot automates the reconciliation process using PayPilot’s integrated reconciliation feature. Applying the files of cleared items from the bank against the PayPilot database, AutoPilot marks the associated checks as cashed. Exception items (e.g., pay amount mismatch, missing check, and check already cashed) are reported in an error report. Uncashed check reports are easily generated for reconciliation purposes and automatically emailed to the appropriate user.

Other Processes

Consider the overall manual handling in your current payment process.  Clients many times forget or take for granted the day-to-day manual task associated with their workflows.  Let Prelude understand your requirements and business rules. We can configure AutoPilot to automate additional areas of your overall process and allow PayPilot to further increase your efficiencies. Whether you want your OFAC downloads and updates to run at certain times every day or an automated export to your GL or an auto-import of your ACH returns and stale date voids, AutoPilot can automatically process key tasks and further reduce or remove the time and cost associated with manual handling.