PayPilot fills the functional gaps of clients' existing systems' payment process workflows


Most systems are built with payment functionality as an afterthought. At Prelude it defines us.

Our commitment to improving that integral business workflow has earned us raving fan clients. Our solution PayPilot is exclusively designed for processing payments and related functionality. PayPilot is client-friendly and flexible allowing tremendous configurability.  It is an enterprise payment management solution that centralizes and enhances all disbursement workflows.  PayPilot enables 21st century payment processing functionality and performs as a payment factory middleware for all, or as many, of your organization’s issuing source systems.  Regardless of how many siloed source systems you have generating payment information, PayPilot enable companies to consolidate the payment processing data.  The stored data in PayPilot also allows all payment information to be tracked, queried, reported on and analyzed in one location.

Replacing your existing systems can be a daunting task. However, you are no longer confined by the limitations of your legacy systems. PayPilot coexists with your systems giving you the new functionality you require without the necessity of swapping out your existing systems. If or when you do make changes in your backend infrastructure, PayPilot maintains the integrity of all your payment data and enables the transition to new systems easily.  Simply updating PayPilot's interfaces with your new system(s), keeps your workflows running smoothly and changes transparent to your users. They can keep on doing business as usual. Payments to vendors become more efficient and the timing works for you. Need help? Need an idea? That’s what we’re here for.PayPilot also sends payment details back to your originating source systems to keep them in sync.

PayPilot's configurability allows functionality to be added as your business needs evolves. Some clients want to add capabilities all at once, other choose a phased approach, adding one function at a time. Modules can be implemented by department and or company-wide as your require.  In fact, PayPilot can even turn your traditional check runs into electronic payments with minimal effort from your IT staff.

  • Electronic Payments enables electronic funds transfer and electronic debit. ACH payments and remittance information can be automatically sent in any format simplifying back office processes so costs are lower but service is enhanced.
  • Positive Pay identifies potentially fraudulent payments before they cash. Prelude customizes the output file to conform to your bank’s requirements and configures all the communications for simple, seamless operation.
  • Mobile Payments allows field staff, like insurance agents or adjusters, to issue payments in the field, on location with the same security and controls you require back at the home office. Insurance carriers close claims faster keeping claim costs lower and customers are happier.
  • Bank Reconciliation automates your reconciliation process. Prelude’s implementation team integrates your bank’s transmission format and connection protocols. Your authorized operators can perform payment look-ups and generate reports anytime.
  • OFAC Compliance downloads the most current OFAC and automatically ensures that payments are never made to any “specially designated or blocked entities”, keeping you in compliance with the Patriot Act. Email notifications identify suspect payments before they are issued.
  • 1099 Processing identifies all payments from all systems that qualify for 1099 reporting by tax ID. PayPilot generates reports for reportable and non-reportable payments. An export file is created for third party processing applications such as 1099Pro or Convey.
  • Escheat Processing captures all due diligence regulations for each state and automatically scans outstanding checks. PayPilot creates an export file for payments meeting each state’s parameters. This file can be used to generate letters and/or to feed into an escheat processing application.