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On The Road To Greater Mobility

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As claims-based mobile programs have been introduced, it's led to a "tug of war" between claims units and accounting departments, says Patrick Garner, senior sales executive for Natick, Mass.-based Prelude, a provider of technology solutions to the insurance industry.

"Accounting departments regard the issuance of claims reimbursement checks in the field as an operational nightmare because these checks are often cashed before they're posted on an internal accounting system," says Garner. "It has led to some friction between the two departments."

To rectify the problem, insurers must find a way to capture claims payouts in real-time, where they are logged into an accounting system or claims administration system. To resolve the accounting-claims dilemma, Prelude introduced PointPay, a solution that links home-office computers with laptops in the field so adjusters can print checks at the point of adjustment.

The technology integrates with whatever systems are already in place and accelerates claim adjudication, significantly reducing the associated payment costs, increasing payment security and enhancing customer service, explains Garner.

"With PointPay, adjusters will conduct a damage report and then log in to the Web-based system to enter pertinent data, such as a policy and claims number, name of claims payee and dollar amount," says Garner. "Checks are issued on the spot using a mobile printer. The adjuster can upload the data to whatever database the insurer deems necessary for proper processing."