Stay competitive in your industry

Across the entire spectrum of industries from insurance, financial services and banking to utilities, governments and everything in between the common ground among all these organizations is their lineage of complicated backend processing and a strong desire to improve their efficiency. Prelude is proud of the service and solutions we offer our clients to meet and surpass their requirements and expectations.  Our solutions and suite of componentized modules allow our clients to fulfill strategic imperatives to compete in a rapidly advancing marketplace with increased end-user expectations. Whether you are trying to satisfy the demands of investors, management, auditors, employees, vendors, providers, customers or the government, Prelude enables the features and functionality you require.

First - Paper to Electronic - Important considerations before disrupting your operational status quo

Recurring workflow functions, where outbound payments or disbursements are made, quickly becomes tagged as a "money pit”. Today's economy has forced renewed rigor to identify opportunities to reduce the cost in the proverbial "cost centers". There is considerable attention on operational processes that can disrupt the status quo of pushing paper and move towards more efficient electronic methods of payment and document transactions. These modern payment management processes are substantially better than the existing legacy methods. However, there are several competing solutions that often require substantial investments of time and money. These solutions from our competitors may seem attractive initially, but may dilute your expected efficiencies and anticipated ROI.

PayPilot will help your organization recognize an ROI within the first year

Financially savvy managers quickly understand the tremendous potential of Prelude's solutions to deliver the strategic benefits and the robust features and functionality required to compete in today's market. From automated processing, extensive reporting and auditing capabilities to easy-to-implement electronic payment options, such as ACH, payment cards and virtual cards, Prelude's PayPilot offers the ability to embrace 21st century payment functionality while extending the lifecycle of your existing legacy systems. PayPilot fills the functional gaps regarding the payment process workflows of your existing source systems while enabling the efficiencies you require, on time, on budget. No surprises. No hidden costs.  PayPilot will help your organization recognize an ROI within the first year.

Second - Bring Prelude's power to wherever you are - Real time customer satisfaction

In many industries, most notably in insurance, a payment may be the only tangible product a customer ever receives. So why not deliver that check or electronic payment the best way possible? As soon as the amount is known, at the customer’s location, and in a professional format. With mobile payments through Prelude’s PointPay solution, this ideal scenario can become your normal business practice.

PayPilot will help your organization immediately improve its service, security and data synchronization

If you have remote employees issuing checks or drafts in the field, PointPay can improve the security and safety of the transaction while dramatically simplifying the payment workflow and improve the service you provide to your customers. No more sloppy hand-written checks to represent your organization. No more faxed or mailed check copies arriving at your corporate offices days later, only to be re-keyed (if they can be read) in one or more of your source systems for synchronization. PointPay connects field or remote offices with headquarters and automatically synchronizes payment information as required. On location, your reps, using PointPay on their smart mobile device, tablet or laptop computer, simply review the payment data or add any necessary additional information, then send the ACH, load the payment card or print the professional check on their portable printer. Your payment is made on the spot and your payee is delighted with your exceptional service.  Tremendous reinforcement of your brand's attributes!  Upon your reps' device's connection with your host or source system, instantly, all of their payment activity is uploaded to corporate accordingly.  Synchronization is done. Necessary banking information is transacted. All of this within minutes versus the typical hours or days delayed.  Implementing PointPay can cut days from your normal processes while substantially reducing errors and other manual handling hurdles. It also allows management to follow the movement of payments and lets customer service promptly check disbursement status.