For over 22 years Prelude has been synonymous with high quality solutions and exceptional customer service. Prelude’s mission is to enable our clients with the service, control, features and functionality they require to meet their objectives relating to the streamlining and automating of their payment processing. Our passion is to surpass their expectations. The company’s team of system architects, engineers, programmers, and client support specialists is dedicated to our clients’ successes. Implementing Prelude’s technology can make a tremendous difference in your payment operation. Information and functionality spread across multiple systems will, for the first time ever, be combined in a single, flexible, easy-to-use application. Our clients, although their environments are quite unique, all commonly agree the results can are positively dramatic:

  • Streamline your processes (and reduce your costs) by consolidating and automating cumbersome, complicated, and repetitive tasks. Issuing payments, reconciling bank accounts, and compiling data are all made easier with a centralized solution that brings your disparate systems together as one.
  • Expand your scope of payment capabilities by adding new functionality for electronic payments, bank reconciliation, OFAC compliance, mobile payments, escheat processing, and more. The modular design of our software enables you to add new features to your existing implementation (one system at a time or all at once) at any time.
  • Tighten your security with PayPilot’s built-in features and controls. You define which users can access the system and what functions they’re allowed to see/perform. Set amount limits by employee for each payment type. Utilize the system’s configurable approval process to generate emails when payments exceed business-rule thresholds. Add positive pay security to defend against the threat of check fraud. The list of security features, from login authorization to detailed audit trails, is quite extensive—and extremely powerful.
  • Stay just the way you are. Meaning, you don’t have to change your workflows and terminology to fit our products. They adapt to fit yours. Screen layouts, field labels, reports and system processes are all configurable to match your unique business rules.
  • Or, change! Of course, if things do change (and they always do), you can rely upon our flexible technology to change right along with you.
  • Don’t be held hostage by your existing systems. Many of our clients have gone through the process of upgrading one or more of their legacy systems. Given the potential impact on financial performance and customer satisfaction, touching a payment system is always risky. With Prelude, however, existing systems can be easily relieved of their disbursement function without disruption to key operations.
  • Create negotiating leverage with your vendors. Consolidating multiple payments into a single check or EFT reduces the overhead of your vendors and improves their cash flow. In return, our experience has shown, these benefits translate into price discounts for you.
  • Make better business decisions with access to payment information that you’ve never had before. Our standard and customized reports, combined with our dynamic ad hoc querying abilities, let you see your organization in a whole new light.

Businesses rarely take on any new initiatives that don’t affect their bottom line. While we may not be able to increase your sales, we definitely can help you reduce your costs. Every one of the benefits listed above can save you money in the near and long terms.