Payment Management Solutions built on flexibility, security, scalability and performance

As you might imagine, we measure ourselves not only by our clients’ satisfaction, but also by the excellence of our software. Our flagship product, PayPilot, was designed with a multi-tiered architecture to scale with your company’s growth and to offer maximum flexibility to meet your unique—and evolving—payment processing needs. The fact is that most internal source systems, whether for claims, policies, accounts payable, or some other use, were not built with payment processing as the focus of functionality. They may perform their core duties proficiently, but they fall considerably short of the mark when doing something as seemingly simple as issuing payments.

PayPilot is a muti-tiered system architected with a robust database designed specifically for payment processing and disbursement related functionality. PayPilot acts essentially as an enterprise disbursement engine middleware for your organization’s multiple source systems, so all payment information can be processed, tracked, queried, reported on and analyzed in one location. Centralizing payments from disparate siloed systems also allows you to add new functionality once—in PayPilot—and extend the benefits throughout your enterprise. Automated bank reconciliation, positive pay security, mobile payments, electronic payments, OFAC compliance, and escheat processing are just some of the componentized expansion modules that can be added as needed to streamline your operations and reduce your processing costs.

Many legacy and/or siloed disbursement processing workflows struggle with more modern payment requirements.  As examples, PayPilot is a leading payment processing solution for:

  • automated processing
  • electronic payment processing.
  • MICR check printing
  • bulking payments
  • centralized payment processing
  • easy-to-use, self-service setup and handling of disbursement processing


PayPilot also makes formerly difficult tasks, easy.  As examples, authorized users can add or change custom logos and address information for multiple companies or accounts and do away with all those separate and costly pre-printed check inventories. Automate your bank reconciliation process with PayPilot. Hours (and days in some cases) can be cut from this formerly cumbersome process. Frequent management inquiries about payments? Because PayPilot consolidates all your payment information from all your systems in one centralized data repository, access to payment information is simple and straightforward. Perform ad hoc queries, or run standard or customized reports at any time. Complicated remittance advice and/or EOBs? Prelude offers remittance advice that can be completely customized to fit your unique workflows. Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), Explanation of Payments (EOPs), and Explanation of Remittance (EORs) can be easily added and attached to every payment. Multiple payments to the same payee in the same check run? PayPilot can bundle multiple payments to the same payee into a single check or electronic payment. Difficulty getting manual signatures on checks when needed? For checks with amounts falling below a certain threshold, use electronic signatures. For those above the threshold, PayPilot can send email notifications to approvers letting them know there are checks in their queue.