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Answers to common questions

  • What is Prelude’s customer service policy? A dedicated account manager is assigned the day we receive your signed contract. From that point forward, your users always speak to the same person, someone who is well acquainted with your particular installation. In addition, a copy of your configuration is kept on file at all times.
  • Does Prelude provide 24 x 7 coverage? Yes, support is available around the clock. Our help desk is manned during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM). During off-hours, your call is automatically routed to your account manager’s pager/cell phone for problem resolution or escalation. We are absolutely committed to providing whatever support our customers need.
  • Is the help desk included in our maintenance agreement? Yes. Access to the help desk is an integral part of the annual maintenance coverage.
  • What services are provided during implementation? Depending on your program’s needs, we can provide both on-site and online implementation and training services.
  • How long does the typical install take? Working together with the Prelude support team, your on-site personnel typically can install the software themselves. On average, the application is installed within a couple of hours.
  • What is the average learning curve for using the product? The user-friendly interfaces minimize the learning curve time to a few conversations with your support contact. Clients also have the option of running the application behind the scenes as an automated service, minimizing user interaction with the system and further reducing the learning curve time.
  • Do you provide any product documentation? Prelude’s products are fully documented in easy-to-understand language. The text has been designed to simplify training and to quickly provide answers to questions that may arise as new users start to work with the system on a daily basis.
  • Are the training documents available electronically? Yes. All of our training materials are available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
  • When and how frequently do I receive upgrades or new releases? Most new releases and upgrades are generated by great ideas from our clients. As new upgrades become available we share them with our interested maintenance customers.
  • Do you require customers to upgrade to the latest release? No, we never require customers to upgrade. Each new release is presented to our customers who have the choice to upgrade or not.
  • How are fixes and new releases delivered? Fixes and new releases are downloaded from Prelude’s FTP server