Controlled access at every level of the system PayPilot’s security module enables further configuration of your centralized payment management. Access to all of Prelude’s products is controlled by secure authorization. Your security administrator creates an account and an assigned profile for each operator who will use the system. This profile controls what functions they are entitled to perform, and what authorization they have throughout the system. Organized Access PayPilot security allows for as many profiles as your business needs dictate. You can easily create them by functional area, level of authority, or whatever corporate specifications best match how your organization is run. Users only view the functions they have been authorized to access within each type of payment. For instance, some users may be set to access accounts payable, but not payroll data. From login and check printing, to queries and reporting details, you define what each user can see and do. Security Across the Product Line All of the security built into PayPilot is also available in the PointPay mobile solution. As your field employees extend your payment functionality to remote locations, you can rest assured that they take the security of your data with them. We take security extremely seriously at Prelude and will work with you to meet your specific requirements.

Security is a common—and valid—concern among businesses issuing checks remotely. PointPay addresses these concerns through a number of system controls and enhanced functionality:

  • All transmitted payment data is encrypted.
  • Payment limits can be configured in the software for each employee, by payment type and any other variable you define.
  • System access is controlled by authorized logins only.
  • Positive pay transmissions can be automatically sent to your bank to reduce the threat of check fraud.

PointPay is an elegant, efficient product that will positively impact your organization from top management to your customers.