Document Management Processing

PayPilot is a sophisticated, yet easy to use solution, that enables many ancillary third party disbursement-related capabilities to be streamlined, including document management.

In order to enable third party document management products, such as ImageRight and FileNet, to index check images, PayPilot generates a separate file for each check image. PayPilot provides the option of generating image files for checks as they are printed. PayPilot also has the ability to dynamically control the naming of check image files.

As the repository of the payment data, PayPilot provides permissions to the administrator to specify the name of an index file.  Additionally, PayPilot allows folders to be specified with the location to hold the image files.  If specified, PayPilot will create an index file for the check images that it produces. Some third party document management products require an index file to reference the image files. PayPilot’s flexible design lets the client decide whether the images are to be actual copies of the negotiable checks (with signatures and MICR line) or non-negotiable file copies.