Government may have the most rigorous gauntlet of qualifications before an entity can even be considered to bid on a project. Prelude is proud to have earned the opportunity to be a preferred vendor and relied upon for some of the most complicated and voluminous transactions in parts of the government sector.  Prelude's PayPilot solution streamlines, automates and synchronizes the payment process to improve the efficiency, security and control of both paper checks and electronic payments.  Additionally PayPilot enables the flexibility of government organizations to add or switch banks with ease via the embedded Admin module.  As an example, setting up Positive Pay protection is a self-service capability that authorized users appreciate for ease-of-use.

For over two decades, Prelude has provided quality solutions that have allowed us to earn some of the most demanding organizations in government. Most importantly, our dedication to staying abreast of the requirements of our clients in the government sector has allowed Prelude to create unsurpassed custom functionality to augment our PayPilot solution specifically for their needs.

PayPilot helps organizations secure, consolidate, generate, and report on payments without disrupting enterprise workflow. PayPilot acts as middleware for as many of an entity's siloed source systems as required so all payment information can be tracked, queried, reported on and analyzed in one location. Although there is common ground in the payment processing needs across many different industries, Prelude understands, from first hand experience, the nuances and particular requirements of government. Our customized offerings to enable robust reports and exports, multiple approvals, granular auditing and batch payment processing are to name just a few of the modular solutions Prelude has enabled to empower our clients.

We look forward to enabling PayPilot, our core modules and our customized solutions for you.  Let us know how we can help you.

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