MICR Ink and Toner



MICR Ink and MICR Toner


The specialty toner which provides the magnetic charge to enable high-speed processing machines to recognize and read the MICR line is called MICR Toner, MICR Toner or MICR Ink is used in printers when you need to print negotiable checks. MICR Toner can often be used in your existing printer with the appropriate setting configured to adhere to current banking specifications. As with most inks and toners, MICR Toner and MICR Ink can be found in an original or remanufactured cartridge. Prelude’s check printing software products, PayPilot and PointPay, are printer-agnostic and toner-agnostic, as these products do not require the use of any specific MICR printers or MICR toner cartridges.